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Field Day Log File Uploader

VHF/UHF Field Day
Log File Uploader

Please Note :

Logs in Cabrillo format for VHF-UHF field day are strongly preferred, however small logs in other formats are acceptable (which will require reformatting by the contest manager).

This uploader can only be used upload the following file types .log .txt .adif .rtf .doc .docx .xls .xlsx & .pdf
The maximum size of any uploaded file is 5 megs.

Please start the log file name with your station call sign, and also include your email address in the file.

File Description

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Please note : We would appreciate it if you could check your files after uploading to this site.

Log files currently uploaded

Log FileSize (bytes)Created
VK2AMT_LogToSubmit.TXT145702024-03-21 00:04
VK2AMT_LogToSubmit(1).TXT145702024-03-21 00:09
VK3HAG_C2.LOG13202024-02-07 04:45
VK4AKH_LogToSubmit.TXT12592024-03-22 10:20
VK4GU_LogToSubmit.TXT24062024-03-18 04:50
VK5JGM_LogToSubmit.TXT70552024-04-07 05:33
VK5OQ_LogToSubmit.TXT58852024-03-16 23:02
VK6GC_LogToSubmit.TXT39372024-03-17 12:36
VK6WH_C2.LOG52242024-02-09 09:13


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