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General Information

Special Event Callsign Roster


Book your clubs use of a special event callsign today.

Special event callsigns are available for use by all WIA affiliated club participating in the special event celebrations for use over a nominated timeslot. Conditions for use of a special event callsign are provided at the bottom of this page.

Roster dates are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

The entire special event system is based on UTC. The roster, and any logs, are captured in UTC. If, for example, a roster slot commences Fri 7 that means Fri 7 00:00 UTC which is actually Fri 7 10:00 (AEST). QSO outside the roster UTC dates will be rejected, so make sure you are within the UTC roster slot.


Available timeslots remaining are displayed in green, reserved timeslots are displayed in yellow. View details of any reserved timeslot by simply clicking the link at the bottom of the timeslot window. Clubs may exchange an existing booking for any other free date, however a club may only hold one booking at a time. To make a booking you will require your club password sent to your club secretary inviting your clubs participation. The first time you enter the password you will be prompted to select a new password of your choice. Please keep this new password safe it as it will be required to update your booking entry and to utilise the online logbook.

ACMA Rules for Special Event Callsigns

The use of a special event callsign is subject to certain rules imposed by ACMA. In addition, the WIA is bound by the Business Rules in respect of callsign pursuant to the Deed between it and ACMA. Those Business Rules repeat what is published by ACMA on its website in relation to special event callsigns, namely:

“Requests for special event callsigns will not be accepted for the purposes of:
• gaining an advantage in on-air competitions; or
• for use during Islands on the Air (IOTA) competitions, DX expeditions, or fox hunts and the like; or
• annual events.”

Use of a Special Event Callsign

Accordingly, the WIA as licensee of this Special Event Callsign, requests all clubs when using a Special Event Callsign to observe the following rules:

• A club using a Special Event Callsign may not participate in any contest or submit any log (including a check log) for any contest or apply for any award or participate in IOTA, engage in fox hunts or the like under that callsign;
• A club using a Special Event Callsign may provide reports and exchange sequence numbers with stations participating in a contest, and may make it clear to stations generally that it is prepared to do so.

Note: Numbers exchanged with stations participating in contests should be recorded in the “Comments” column of the WIA on-line logbook. To give effect to the special condition, the WIA has established the online roster for the callsign.

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