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About the award

ANZAC Centenary Award

A limited issue ANZAC Centenary Award is available to commemorate the ANZAC centenary.

To qualify for an award certificate contact is required with all ANZAC Stations or their substitute (see rules) and this certificate is available to participating clubs and individuals.

A Certificate of Participation for every club, group or individual who participates in the ANZAC-suffix callsigns commemoration events.

Recognition will be provided to one of them who had the highest number of contacts for a single event that it has been allocated the ANZAC callsign. Some 40 of them are listed on the WIA website.


Recognition for the ANZAC Centenary Award will be provided for any radio amateur or SWL who has logged at least 1 contact with 10 unique ANZAC commemoration callsign activations.
The WIA website provides a roster of VK100ANZAC callsign activations, plus rosters for the proposed activations of the VI1ANZAC - VI8ANZAC state based ANZAC callsigns. Your award application may include multiple contacts with the same ANZAC callsign, so long as each contact was made with a unique activation or event of the callsign.

Your award application may also include contacts with TC100-prefix stations in Turkey, the OP0PPY stations Belgium or the special callsigns such as VI4AE2, ZL100ANZAC and others relevant, so long as each contact logged was from a unique callsign activation.

Logs used for claiming awards must be provided to the WIA in electronic format. Most claims will be on a CD, some may use a USB stick, or floppy disc. These are to be sent to the WIA office along with payment, please note that written logs will not be accepted.

How to find the ANZAC stations

Suggested calling Frequencies for 2015 ANZAC Commemoration

  160m - 1805kHz
  80m - 3.630MHz
  40m - 7.040 MHz
  30m - 10.145 MHz
  20m - 14.095 MHz
  17m - 18.095 MHz
  15m - 21.095 MHz
  12m - 24.925 MHz
  10m - 28.055 MHz
  6m - 50.225 MHz
  2m - 145.000 MHz

  160m - 1825kHz
  80m - 3.530MHz
  40m - 7.010 MHz
  30m - 10.110 MHz
  20m - 14.010 MHz
  17m - 18.105 MHz
  15m - 21.105 MHz
  12m - 24.895 MHz
  10m - 28.025 MHz
  6m - 50.500 MHz
  2m - 144.050 MHz

  160m - 1850kHz
  80m - 3.585MHz
  40m - 7.095 MHz
  30m - 10.120 MHz
  20m - 14.250 MHz
  17m - 18.115 MHz
  15m - 21.250 MHz
  12m - 24.935 MHz
  10m - 28.450 MHz
  6m - 51.150 MHz
  2m - 144.150 MHz

ECHO Link will be used by the Turkey Amateur Radio Society
Other bands and modes by arrangement. Please be mindful of existing nets.

Making a claim

Meet the requirements of the rules above and send a claim by 30 January 2016 accompanied by payment of $10 Australian dollars or 6 IRC, sent to:

ANZAC Centenary Awards
PO Box 2042

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