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GA Taylor Medal

About the GA Taylor Medal

The GA Taylor medal is presented in recognition of exceptional service to The Wireless Institute of Australia. This is the highest WIA Merit


Major George Augustus Taylor was the founding Chairman of the Wireless Institute of New South Wales in 1910, out of which grew today’s Wireless Institute of Australia. He was a pioneer in many ways; granted one of the first transmitting licences under the 1905 wireless telegraphy act (prior to 1908); he was among the first ten wireless experimenters to have been licensed by the PMG Department (1909); demonstrated that pictures could be sent by wireless (1910); transmitting the first military wireless signals in Australia (1911); conducted the first wireless communication between moving trains (1911); was the first to fire a gun by wireless (1913).

Past Recipients

1992 - David Wardlaw VK3ADW & Wally Watkins VK4DO & Peter Gamble VK3YRP
1995 - Eric Jamieson VK5LP
2002 - Neil Penfold VK6NE (SK)
2005 - Graham Kemp VK4BB
2008 - Al Shawsmith VK4SS
2009 - Peter Freeman VK3KAI now VK3PF
2010 - Ron Fisher VK3OM
2011 - Jim Linton VK3PC
2012 - Peter Young VK3MV
2016 - Dale Hughes VK1DSH
2018 - Ewan McLeod VK4ERM
2019 - Phil Wait VK2ASD
2022 - Grant Willis VK5GR

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