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Al Shawsmith Award

About The Al Shawsmith Award

For journalism for the best non-technical article published in Amateur Radio magazine in the previous calendar year.


Al Shawsmith VK4SS (SK 2010) was the Official Historian for the Queensland Division of the WIA, a noted CW operator and DXer, licensed since 1935 and a prolific writer.

Past Recipients

1973 - Syd Molen VK2SG
1974 - Don Marshall VK4ZAF
1975 - Bill Rice VK3ABP
1976 - B J Morgan VK7RR
1977 - Max Dawkins VK3TR
1978 - Peter Arriens VK1PA
1979 - Terry Clark VK2ALG
1980 - Eddy Rooms VK4AER
1981 - Chris Long VK2KI
1982 - Alan Campbell-Drury VK3CD
1983 - Max Hull VK3ZS
1984 - Reg Glanville VK2ELG
1985 - Marlene Austin VK5QO
1988 - Bert Trupp VK5BVN
1991 - Philip Greentree VK2IW for his article "Newcastle Earthquake Disaster" published in the June 1990 issue AR
1992 - Barrie Gillings VK2DWC for his article "A Mother of a Storm"
2008 - Graeme Scott VK2KE for his article "Teaching amateur radio classes" published in the July 2007 AR

2009 - John Sparkes VK6JX for his article "DX Chasers Club - Faure Island DXpedition, 2008" published in November 2008 AR

2010 - Rex Moncur VK7MO and Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW for their article "Echoes of Apollo - EME on three milliwatts" published in August 2009 AR

2011 - David Smith VK3HZ for coordinating the "VHF/UHF - An Expanding World" column in Amateur Radio and in particular for his reporting of weak signal communications.

2012 - Justin Giles-Clark VK7TW for his article ‘Modern communications technologies - a quick Centenary review and the future’, published in the December 2011 issue of Amateur Radio.

2013 - Grant Willis VK5GR, Matthew Cook VK5ZM, Mark Jessop VK5QI and Alan Kovacs for their article ‘Introducing Project Horus: High altitude ballooning in South Australia’ published in AR, July, 2012, page 22.

2014 - Stephen Warrillow VK3SN for his article titled ‘The Overland Track – HF QRP in the VK7 World Heritage Wilderness’.

2015 - Joe Gonzales VK3YSP and Julie Gonzales VK3FOWL for the article “The International Museums Weekend at the Melbourne Museum” published in the September 2014 issue of Amateur Radio.

2016 - Peter Wolfenden VK3RV for his series of articles commemorating the ANZAC Centenary, and the AR magazine

2017 - Joe Gonzales VK3YSP and Julie Gonzales VK3FOWL for writing the piece “ANZAC Day 2016 Amateur Special Event".

2018 - Stuart Fillmore VK5STU & Trevor Quick VK5ATQ for the article "VK5 School Holiday Technology Program is a Resounding Success" published in the May 2017 issue.

2019 - Joseph Stephen VK5JKS for his article "The challenges of hamming blind" published in the March - April 2018 issue of Amateur Radio

2020 - Michael Charteris VK4QS for the article “Dare to dream on top band”: Low band DXing on a shoestringPublished in the January - February 2019 issue of the Amateur Radio Magazine.

2021 - Peter Wolfenden VK3RV for his articles "Callbooks: Their continuing value" & "When governments ruled the aether"


 Rex James VK3OF, for What a weekend – moonbounce on HF!, published in Issue 6; and

 Rex Moncur VK7MO, for Antarctica and the Australian Antarctic Program, published in Issue 5.

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