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Higginbotham Award

About The Higginbotham Award

For service to the amateur radio community.


The Higginbotham Award is named after Ron Higginbotham VK3RN, who produced Amateur Radio magazine over many decades.

Past Recipients

1964 - Warwick Parsons VK5PS
1965 - J R Cox VK6NJ, Phil Williams VK5NN
1966 - Harold Hepburn VK3AFQ, Roger Harrison VK3ZRY, Phil Williams VK5NN
1967 - Ian Berwick VK3ALZ
1968 - Rodney Champness VK3UG
1969 - Rodney Champness VK3UG
1970 - VK3 VHF Group
1971 - Les Jenkins VK3ZBJ
1972 - Chris Cullinan VK3AXU
1973 - WIA South Australian Division
1974 - Eric Jamieson VK5LP
1975 - Jim Payne VK3AZT
1976 - Maurie Evered VK3AVO
1977 - Bill Roper VK3ARZ
1978 - Sam Voron VK2BVS
1979 - Syd Clark VK3ASC
1980 - Sam Voron VK2BVS
1981 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
1984 - Tony Tregale VK3QQ
1985 - Ron Cook VK3AFW
1986 - Jim Linton VK3PC, Roger Harrison VK2ZTB
1987 - Roger Harrison VK2ZTB
1988 - Lloyd Butler VK5BR
1989 - Eric Jamieson VK5LP
1990 - Lloyd Butler VK5BR
1991 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
1992 - Bill Roper VK3ARZ, Ron Fisher VK3OM
1993 - Ken Matchett VK3TL
1994 - Eric Jamieson VK5LP
1995 - Stephen Pall VK2PS
1996 - Will McGhie VK6UU
1997 - Peter Parker VK1PK
1998 - Stephen Pall VK2PS
2001 - Bill Rice VK3ABP
2002 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
2003 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
2004 - Gil Sones VK3AUI
2008 - Robin Harwood VK7RH for outstanding contributions to amateur radio, in particular his informative SWL column in Amateur Radio over many years

2009 - Graham Ratcliff VK5AGR for his long contribution to amateur radio as the National Co-ordinator of AMSAT-VK, promoting the amateur satellite service

2010 - Peter Wolfenden VK3RV in recognition of his outstanding contribution to amateur radio and the WIA in developing a history of wireless in Australia for publication in the WIA Centenary year

2011 - Jack Bramham VK3WWW for his work over many years including his ongoing contribution as the WIA ARDF Coordinator

2012 - David Clegg VK5KC for his many activities over the years supporting amateur radio, the WIA and the clubs.

2013 - Peter Freeman VK3PF, for his seven years as AR Editor, beginning with the first edition in 2006 and continuing, and also for his unbroken leadership of GippsTech since its inception in 1998.

2014 - Don Jackson VK3DBB for many years of service on Publications Committee and in particular his work in compiling the Annual Index and his work on collating a Cumulative Index of all issues of Amateur Radio magazine.

2015 - Bill Roper VK3BR for his long service (60 years plus) to the WIA in various roles associated with the production of Amateur Radio magazine and long membership of the Publications Committee.

2016 - Evan Jarman VK3ANI for 37 years service to AR magazine

2017 - Christine Taylor VK5CTY for a long history of Amateur Radio magazine contributions particularly on Women in Radio, ALARA & AHARS News.

2018 - Peter Gibson VK3AZL for service to the WIA and the Publications Committee over at least 32 years, serving as the lead Technical Editor for most of that period.

2019 - Joe Gonzales VK3YSP and Julie Gonzales VK3FOWL for the strong promotion of amateur radio to younger people through the School Amateur Radio Clubs program together with their many activities in the broader amateur community encouraging amateurs to engage with youngsters.

2020 - Dr Harry Edgar VK6YBZ

2021 - Roger Harrison VK2ZZH and Sergio Fontana for work above and beyond getting the AR magazine out last year.

2022 - Jenny Wardrop VK3WQ for her reliable contribution of the ALARA column for AR, and consistent promotion and support of YLs of all ages.

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