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Technical Award

About The Technical Award

for the best technical article published in Amateur Radio magazine in the previous calendar year.

Past Recipients

1981 - Hans Ruckert VK2AOU & Bob Slutzkin VK3SK
1984 - Rob Gurr VKSRG
1985 - Lloyd Butler VK5BR
1986 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
1987 - Harold Hepburn VK3AFQ
1988 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
1989 - Peter Stackpole VK1RX
1990 - Drew Diamond VK3XU for his article "Super-het-DC Receiver for 3.5 to 4.0 MHz" published in the May 1990
1991 - Bill Magnusson VK3JT
1992 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
1993 - Lou De Stefano VK3AQZ
1994 - Will McGhie VK6UU
1995 - Ralph Holland VK1BRH
1996 - Drew Diamond VK3XU
1998 - Phil Rice VK3BHR
2003 - Dale Hughes VK2DSH
2004 - Dale Hughes VK2DSH
2005 - Lloyd Butler VK5BR
2008 - Drew Diamond VK3XU for his article "Class-E AM/CW transmitter for 1.8 MHz" published in June 2007

2009 - Ron Sanders VK2WB for his article "A balanced antenna matching unit" published in April 2008

2010 - Dale Hughes VK1DSH for his article "A phasing type transceiver for 144 MHz, parts 1 and 2" published in September 2009

2011 - Paul McMahon VK3DIP for his technical contributions to Amateur Radio and in particular his two part article "A generic interface for the amateur experimenter" published in the September/October 2010 editions.

2012 - James (Jim) Tregellas VK5JST for his articles ‘An introduction to stepper motors’ and ‘Building an 80 metre magnetic loop antenna for your attic’, published in the May, July and August 2011 issues of Amateur Radio.

2013 - Andrew Martin VK3OE, for his article ‘Adventures with a bistatic chirp and CW radar’ published in AR, December, 2012

2014 - Graham Byrnes VK3XDK for his article titled ‘Transverter Systems’, published in the December, 2013 edition of Amateur Radio magazine.

2015 - Dale Hughes VK1DSH for his article “A networked, automatic and remotely controlled MF ATU” published in the May 2014 issue of Amateur Radio.

2016 - Jim Tregellas VK5JST for his article “A VHF/UHF Aerial Analyser”

2017 - Jim Tregellas VK5JST for the article "A $10 Antenna for 2m that anyone can build".

2018 - Jim Henderson VK1AT for the article "A 35 to 4400 MHz Signal Generator" published in the November 2017 issue.

2019 - Dale Anderson VK4NBX for his article "An alternative and affordable antenna elevator type mast" published in the January - February 2018 issue of Amateur Radio.

2020 - Carmel Morris VK2CAR for her article "Clothesline wire makes easy “multi-band” antenna".


 Andrew Anderson VK3CV for his article on Practical communications at 30 THz, published in Issue 2;

 Lou Destefano VK3AQZ, for his series on The VK3AQZ HF antenna tuner project, published from Issue 2 2021 through to Issue 2 - 2022; and

 Dale Hughes VK1DSH and Dimitrios Tsifakis VK2COW, for their article on Experiments with LoRa digital transmissions, published in Issue 3.

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