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July 2024

Field Day

About The WIA Online Event Calendar

Introducing The WIA Online Calendar

The WIA Online event calendar is a real-time online event calendar. As events are being planned they can be easily added to the online calendar and, once approved, will be available for all to see. As you will see there is a calendar month display in the left hand menu area. All events that month are displayed in the right-hand panel.

To navigate to the previous, current or next month click the << -=- >> symbols below the calendar month display in the left hand menu area.

You can subscribe to the events calendar using the link to external calendar function of your calendar using the URL:

Who Can Submit Events For The Calendar

WIA Members, Affiliated Clubs and State Advisory Committees can easily contribute events for the WIA online calendar by clicking on "Submit A Calendar Event" and completing the details. The entry of events onto the calendar is being jointly managed by the Club Co-ordinator Ted Thrift, John Martin and our staff in the WIA National office.

Submitting A Calendar Event

When completing the event registration form, you will be required to enter the following information :

Your Name
Your Callsign
Your Email Address

So we can contact you if required.

Club Or Group Running The Event
The calendar event will be registered to your group.

Event Name or Title
Event Date
Event Duration (in days)
Event Brief Description

These are displayed in the brief event description.

Event Start Time (local time)
Event End Time (local time)
Event Detailed Description - (Up to Six Lines)

These are displayed in the detailed event description.

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