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December 2021

Field Day

Dec 3rd, 2021 (Fri) -- Dec 4th, 2021 (Sat)
23:00 - 02:00 UTC
 80m Slow CW CorroboreeiCal
Club: Peel Amateur Radio Group Callsign: VK2KI
State: UTC
Brief Description : 3 hour CW event on 80m

Full Details : The Peel Amateur Radio Group continues to promote CW for both newcomers to the art and oldies like me who???ve let the skill wither on the vine somewhat.

The event will be open to all amateurs and Short Wave Listeners, irrespective of where they call home. So the Group will run the three hour 80m Slow CW Corroboree on Sunday morning December 4th. Times are 2300z on December 3rd 2021 to 0200z on December 4th (ie 0700 ??? 1000 WA time and 1000 ??? 1300 Eastern daylight time on December 4th).

This event is designated as a Corroboree, reflecting its nature as a friendly opportunity to get together and have fun, rather than trying to crack any records. So it???s a great opportunity for anyone who???s thinking about exploring the art of CW to have a go in a safe, simple and mainly fun environment. SOTA and VKFF folks who???d like to get the best bang for their QRP buck for instance might find this useful, and it???ll also be great fun for CW oldies as well.

And, you won???t have to try to stretch your Near-Vertical Incidence 80m propagation to reach WA at that time ??? all contacts anywhere will score points providing you exchange call signs, RSTs and serial numbers.

For details, see and click on the What???s New page to find the link to SCW Dec 21. Here you???ll find the event guidelines and even a handy-dandy hints page on simple CW QSOs.

And by the way, thank you to all who participated in the third PARG Slow CW Pow-Wow in September. Congratulations to both Andrew VK1DA for taking out the event and to runner-up John VK3BSE.

So note it in your diary - three hour 80m Slow CW Corroboree December 4th starting at 10 am Eastern and 7am WA time.

Cheers - hope to catch you on Saturday morning.

Mark Bosma
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