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History Archive

Welcome to the history pages of the WIA website.

The Wireless Institute of Australia was among the earliest organisations devoted to the new science of Wireless Telegraphy. It's genesis was when some 50 people came together, in March 1910, to form an organisation to promote the use of wireless. The very tyranny of distance within Australia was probably a major factor in the rapid development of wireless in this part of the world.

For the new-comer to this subject, it is appropriate to explain that "Wireless" grew from the era of the original wired telegraphy system. As soon as it was possible to exchange messages without the inter-connecting telegraph wires, "WIRELESS" was born - initially known as Wireless Telegraphy, changing to "RADIO" as it developed.

Australian amateurs proudly retain the term "wireless" in their national society's name - the Wireless Institute of Australia, reflecting our proud history in its development here.

Purpose of this section of the website

In this section of the WIA website, it is intended to provide you with interesting aspects of our history contained within the WIA Archive. Of necessity, we have given preservation preference to the earlier material because of its fragile state, however, we also seek and collect significant material from all decades of the Institute's existence.

Leading up to the Centenary of the WIA (in 2010), it was decided to consolidate Institute records and establish an Archive. Previously, historical documents were stored in a number of places and some were at the risk of being further damaged and/or lost forever.

A space was allocated in the new office building at Bayswater and an embryonic Archive established. While there is still a huge amount of work to be done in preserving our history, the Archive is now in a position to make at least some of this material available on our website and by doing so, we hope to attract other relevant material to supplement the present holdings. This is where members and others can assist.


You can help and we need your help as time is running out to preserve the important documents and stories relating to our history!

If you, or your club, are holding unwanted minutes, photographs or newspaper clippings, may I encourage you to send them to the WIA Archive so that a more complete history of amateur radio in Australia can be built up.

If you feel that you can contribute, in the first instance please contact the Archive via the National Office.

Making a contribution

It is a fact that we don't have limitless space to store everything that individuals may wish to donate.

We already have a fairly complete collection of Australian magazines such as Amateur Radio, so we are not seeking any more of these or other popular local radio magazines.
Advertisements for any "wanted magazines" appear regularly in AR.

As a general rule, we do not collect equipment unless it was particularly important to the development of amateur radio in Australia and "holds" a story which is relevant.

The WIA Collection Policy and Donation Form appear below. These documents provide our guide-lines and spell out in detail the Institutes policy.

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WIA Archive Donation Form

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