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2005 News Releases




Industry Canada reports "overwhelming agreement" to drop Morse requirement

Date : 20 / 01 / 2005
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) reports that an Industry Canada (IC) analysis has found "overwhelming agreement" that Canada should move away from retaining a Morse code requirement as "the sole means of gaining access" to the HF amateur bands. IC has posted a summary of comments from the amateur community to RAC's Recommendations from Radio Amateurs of Canada to Industry Canada concerning Morse Code and Related Matters. Said RAC, "Amateurs should note that while the responses heavily favored deletion of the Morse Qualification as a requirement for access to the HF bands, Industry Canada still has to make and announce a decision on Morse retention or deletion." IC said there were 123 comments in favor of relaxed code requirements and only 19 "clearly opposed." Another six comments were inconclusive. The regulatory agency also has attempted to gauge the level of support for each of RAC's 12 license restructuring recommendations and said it would formulate a plan to implement changes emerging from the consultation process. RAC notes that until IC announces a decision to delete Morse, Canadian amateurs not holding the Morse Qualification may not operate on the HF bands.


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