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2020 News Releases



DX users of the WIA online awards system can now 'try before you buy'

12/ 08/ 2020   After Registration, DX users will have full access to the awards system, EXCEPT they cannot apply for awards.
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AR magazine Issue No.2 for 2020 is out there!

08/ 08/ 2020   Like a long-delayed echo of a signal heard on the 40-metre band, Issue No.2 of Amateur Radio magazine for 2020 is – at last – on its way to members and to the newsagents.
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Changes to call signs

06/ 08/ 2020   A recent update to the ACMA "Amateur Radio Callsign Policy" on their website has highlighted the new changes to the "callsign for life" as proposed by the WIA in a submission to ACMA and recently implemented.
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SSTV Event Scheduled for early August

04/ 08/ 2020   A Slow Scan TV (SSTV) event is scheduled from the International Space Station (ISS) for early August. Date and times for the event are Aug 4 (12:25-18:10 UTC) for setup and operation and Aug 5 (08:15-18:25 UTC) for operation and close down.
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Ham radio and emergency comms: Filling the USGS ‘donut hole’

02/ 08/ 2020   On July 2nd, shortly before midnight local time in Hawaii, a dozen amateur radio operators did something nobody had ever done before—something that shows the best in amateur radio and could herald a transformation in the role hams can play in emergencies.
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Remembrance Day Contest - Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th August 2020

01/ 08/ 2020   Remembrance Day is uniquely Australian, created to remember and commemorate those who sacrificed lives, or their youth, in order that we can live in a free democracy.
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