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2005 News Releases




ACA Clarifies Rules on Winlink and Third Party Email Traffic

Date : 24 / 01 / 2005
Author : Glen Dunstan - VK4DU

The Australian Communications Authority recently wrote to the WIA to clarify the regulatory arrangements for Amateur stations that are set up to handle e-mail traffic from and to other Amateur stations, such as those in the 'Winlink' network.

"The ACA have advised a number of regulatory constraints for these stations" WIA Director Glenn Dunstan VK4DU said.

"Operators of these stations must ensure that their transmitters can not be automatically activated by incoming e-mails lodged over the Internet by non-amateurs."

"They must also vet all traffic prior to transmission to ensure compliance with third party rules and the restriction on transmission of commercial or financial information", Glenn said.

"The ACA also requires that these stations comply with aspects of the Telecommunications and Telecommunications Interception Act regarding equipment interconnection standards and advising senders of e-mails that their messages may be monitored."

"We strongly recommended that all amateurs read the full text of the ACA ruling, which may be found on the WIA website at


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