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The History of the WIA Awards

Date : 02 / 08 / 2005
Author : Mal Johnson - VK6LC

The WIA Awards were established in 1947 and have been running continuously by many volunteers. Over the past 58 years new awards have been introduced and some were discontinued. Since its introduction we have dispatched over 3,500 awards.

Some history details:
 DXCC Open, November 1947.
 DXCC CW, December 1947.
 DXCC Phone, December 1948.
 VHF-DXCC, November 1969.
 DXCC RTTY, October 1983.
 WIA 80, November 1989, discontinued May 1992.
 WAVKCA-HF, May 1990.
 HAVKCA-HF, May 1990.
 WAVKCA-VHF, Dec 1990.
 WAS-VHF, May 1990.
 Grid Square, Dec 1991.
 Antarctic, March 1992.
 3BDXCC, June 2005.
 5BDXCC, June 2005.
 WIA DXer, June 2005.

For this period we have 16 active award certificates and the WIA is updating many old awards and modernising the awards rules in line with our present day radio activities.

The awards Program also manages two DXCC active programs, they are "DXCC Standings" covering combined band modes for a single DXCC Status and the "Multiband DXCC Program" covering 11 individual bands that are linked to 3&5BDXCC awards. We are currently managing over 250 DXCC active files and it has a growth rate of 10 %. per year. Of the 250 accounts, 70% are now operating our computerised awards.

Our friendly awards program is directly for the WIA members and we welcome overseas stations to apply and participate with our services.

Our awards program is funded by the WIA Board and its members, we receive extra contributions from our members and some sponsors. This enables us to improve and develop new awards and maintain our WIA Awards equipment.

Up until 2001 the WIA Awards was managed by a manual paper office and recording system and from 2001 we are now completely computerised with our application smart documents and the management administration. We now have a high speed efficient awards system that can be completed except for the fees, all by email.

Our awards are free to all financial WIA members, non members pay a small fee.

Computerisation has sped up the turn around from 2 weeks postal mail service to 2 days email on all awards. Our record keeping files did cover one face of a wall clustered in leaver arch files, now we only require a CD disc. Manual applications are welcome.

Research and retrievement of documents can take many hours and now with just a stroke of the keyboard.

Please enjoy our Computerised Awards Program and our service.


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