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BPL Submissions Published

Date : 02 / 08 / 2005
Author : Phil Wait - VK2DKN

The ACMA have now published the 275 submissions to their BPL Discussion Paper with the majority showing a high level of concern regarding BPL interference and its management.

There are some very big names amongst the list, in addition to the 222 submission from radio amateurs.

Air Services, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and Defence, are concerned about the interference potential to their radio communications services.

Optus recommends a 'cautious approach', and are concerned over potential interference to their cable services and regulatory/competition certainty.

In a long and well thought through submission, Telstra expresses serious concerns about interference to their Broadband cable, ADSL, ADSL2, VDSL and HF radio services.

“The calculations above indicate that ubiquitous BPL could have serious consequences for cable modem networks” and “It is clear from the comparison above that if BPL is permitted at the ETSI levels, there will be significant degradation of VDSL in cases where power and telecommunications lines are in close proximity”.

In a strongly worded statement medical alarm providers through their industry association the Personal Emergency response Services Association (PERSA) conclude:

“Electromagnetic interference from BPL to PERS is potentially severe, and is continuous and widespread. BPL interference could prevent a call for assistance in a life threatening situation, resulting in death or injury.”

The ABC expresses fear that BPL interference is “highly likely in some circumstances to annihilate broadcasting services."

The BPL industry’s submissions are unsurprisingly more favorable towards BPL and recommend less onerous management techniques, however it’s pleasing to note the acknowledgement of interference as a real issue in the submission from Woomera consortium member Bytecan.

The full list of submissions also including those from CB radio, model aircraft enthusiasts, outback radio uses, and equipment suppliers can be found via the following Link


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