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WIA board appoints National QSL Bureau Coordinator

Date : 19 / 08 / 2005
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

The WIA undertook as part of the transition from a federal to a national structure to provide a QSL service at no charge to its members. The board formulated a policy on this issue, which essentially continues to rely on existing individuals and groups, but achieving economies of scale by concentrating outward QSLs through the Westlakes club.

Because of the importance of this function it was decided by the board to appoint the existing VK6 QSL manager, Neil Penfold, VK6NE to fill this position. The board felt a dedicated manager is required to manage and promote this aspect of the WIA's commitment to its members.

Neil's duties will include,

Generally to coordinate the operation of the existing state and regional QSL Bureaus, advise the board on all matters relating to QSLs and act as an information source for all QSL inquiries. In particular, the National QSL Bureau Coordinator shall:

Initially contact all stakeholders and ensure that all are fully informed and understanding of the respective roles required to deliver the WIA's QSL commitment;

Consult and liaise with the WIA director responsible for QSL services and all QSL service providers on all matters relating to their operation;

Generally coordinate the activities of all involved, particularly in relation to outward QSL services;

Ensure that the QSL service becomes and remains efficient and effectively meets the needs of members in a cost efficient way;

Develop improvements to QSL service;

Maintain an appropriate overview of the financial aspects of the service, including adherence to the principles as published, and identifying any useful changes to the present processes;

Promote the WIA QSL service as a benefit of membership, and the means of using that service;

Generally improve and keep updated the part of the WIA website relating to the QSL bureau;

Promptly provide information in response to questions relating to QSL services;

Promptly identify and overcome shortcomings in the provision of services;

Generally become to focal point for all matters relating to the provision of QSL services by the WIA;

Provide information and advice to the WIA director responsible for QSL services and WIA Board on all matters relating to the provision of QSL services;

Provide a report in respect of the QSL bureau as requested for each Ope Forum or other meeting following each Annual General Meeting.

Undertake such other tasks in relation to the provision of QSL services as are requested and agreed from time to time.

The QSL manager's appointment is annual, by the Board after each annual general meeting.

The QSL manager may be contacted at


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