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Aurora BPL trial in Tasmania switched On

Date : 25 / 08 / 2005
Author : Phil Wait - VK2DKN

Aurora BPL trial in Tasmania switched On - First BPL Interference Complaint Submitted by a Tasmanian Amateur.

The Aurora BPL trial has been activated in Mt Nelson, an affluent suburb of Hobart currently without competitive broadband assess

Aurora Energy advised the WIA in June this year that Mitsubishi Electric equipment, based on the DS2 Wisconsin chipset, would be used. It is claimed that this new generation technology has lower interference potential than the 45MHz chipset used in the recent Queanbeyan, NSW, trial.

Conrad, VK7HCK, has lived in the area with his family for a few years and is an active HF operator. Conrad is experiencing over S9 interference levels on HF bands with the highest interference level (S9 + 40dB) on 80 meters. The level of BPL interference has effectively prevented Conrad from operating on HF.

On his own initiative, Conrad has lodged an interference complaint with the ACMA and also with Aurora Energy and is waiting to see what action they will take to remove the interference.

Conrad describes the BPL interference and the effect BPL has had on his operations in an interview with Graham VK4BB for the WIA News service, the file can be downloaded below.

The WIA has also written to the ACMA requesting information on the tests that they plan to perform in the Aurora trial, and what action they plan to take in the case of Conrad, VK7HCK

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