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2005 News Releases




The first Foundation License Training by the South East Radio Group (South Australia)

Date : 22 / 12 / 2005
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

Nine people attended the training and weekend, which consisted of two-hour sessions from Monday 5th December to Friday 9th December then all day on Sunday, one person dropped out during the course. Each evening session consisted of one hour of theory and one hour of practical that included demonstrations of low power RF being generated and detected with globes in half wave dipoles, the effect of a yagi beam (again using UHF and globes as indicators) and other demonstrations such as how RF was coupled into antennas. Examples of CTCSS tones observed on a CRO and DTMF being generated and used added to the interest.

Local amateurs helped at the "other" end of QSOs.

The following amateurs helped in the process of lectures - Trevor VK5NC, John VK5DJ (both assessors), David VK5DG (Invigilator and club treasurer), Colin VK5DK, Norbert VK5MQ, Murray VK5BVJ, and Mathew VK5HMW. Tom VK5EE was our remote amateur station for practical work (and also loaned much of the equipment at the club end) while Charles VK5XCP ensured that the room and data projector was setup. Charles also climbed the tower and repaired the 80 meter dipole for the on air tests. Wally VK5MAB, Chris VK5MC and Steve VK3YYV came along for support from time to time. A great club effort.

Sunday morning was spent on revision then the examinations were held from lunch on. As it was the assessors' first time we found it useful to test two volunteers while the others had lunch. This proved an advantage, as the assessors were able to have a practice run with just two people. After lunch the remaining 6 sat the theory while one assessor worked on the practical exams with the first two.

Stay tuned early in the New Year for several new Foundation Licensees in the Mount Gambia Area.


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