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2008 News Releases




WIA arranges AX prefix for 26 January 2008.

Date : 18 / 01 / 2008
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Amateurs should get on air and honour our National Day This prefix is only available for occasions of special national or international significance, such as the Australia Day, ITU Day or the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Occasions warranting the use of the 'AX' prefix are determined by ACMA in consultation with the WIA.

Under such circumstances:

  the 'AX' prefix, which will be made available to all amateurs, may be used in lieu of the normal 'VK' prefix;

 allocation of the prefix will be restricted to the duration of the occasion;

In consultation with the WIA, the ACMA has agreed to make the AX prefix available for Australia day 2008. The use of the prefix is only available from midnight to midnight local time on Australia day .
Michael Owen, President WIA, said that all Australian amateurs are encouraged to get on air on the 26th and use the AX prefix fully. �It�s a great opportunity to honour our national day in this special way�.

Call CQ CQ CQ using AX instead of VK prefixing your call sign as recognition that the prefix means something special to us all.


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