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Board Reviews Club Grant Scheme

Date : 18 / 03 / 2008
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

At their recent meeting in Melbourne, the Directors considered the WIA Club Grant Scheme and made some changes for the Scheme in 2008.

In submitting their report to the Board in August last year, the Grant Committee commented on the lack of projects involving new technology or innovative projects, suggesting that the WIA should consider promoting innovations in special interest areas. The Committee commented that many clubs have an overwhelming focus on operating and maintaining repeater communications.

In September last year the WIA Board requested comment on the Club Grant Scheme, particularly on the issues raised by the Club Grant Committee.

A number of the comments argued that the repeaters were at the core of many clubs activities, and should not be disregarded. A number commented on encouraging focused activities, seeking to attract new amateurs or new WIA members. The Scheme was generally supported.

The Directors carefully considered the thoughtful submissions that had been made, and were attracted by the suggestion made in a number of ways that there be two parts to the scheme, one encouraging innovation, the other supporting more usual club projects and activities. The Directors also thought that a limited number of grants were preferable to a large number of small grants.

Accordingly it was decided that the WIA will again conduct a Club Grant Scheme in 2008, this year with the total grant increased to $6,000.

The Scheme will be broken into two parts, one part providing for up to three grants of up to a total of $3,000 for useful but not innovative projects or activities, including projects involving repeaters or associated links.

The other part will be for projects or activities that are innovative, with provision for up to three grants up to a total of $3,000.

The WIA Board is grateful for the thoughtful and helpful submissions received, as well as the helpful observations of the Grant Committee.

Details of the 2008 Scheme will be published shortly.


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