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2008 News Releases




Australia/CEPT Amateur Arrangements Are Now In Place

Date : 16 / 05 / 2008
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Holders of Australian Advanced licences are now able to operate in the participating CEPT countries while visiting those countries on the basis of their Australia licence.

How it all works is set out in the excellent article by Bob Whelan G3PJT in the May issue of Amateur Radio.

If you want to operate for a longer period in one of the participating CEPT countries you will have to take out a local licence. As previously advised ACMA is now endorsing the Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency (Advanced) with the HAREC endorsement, so you will be able, on the basis of your Australian Advanced Certificate of Proficiency, to obtain the equivalent licence.

However, the website of the European Radio Office says that for Australia that “Grandfathered Australian certificates AOCP and AOCLP are also recognised as equivalent to HAREC.” So while the AOCP and AOCLP certificates will not have the HAREC endorsement, they will still be recognised.

“I am delighted that at long last the Australia Advanced licence has joined the expanding world of the international licence, and that for longer term local licences, the Australian qualifications have been recognised” said WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI.

“Our special thanks to Alan Jordan of ACMA who has steered the matter for the Australian administration, and Bob Whelan G3PJT the IARU Region 1 Regulatory Group Chairman who has provided so much guidance and help.”


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