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Dstar User Survey

Date : 06 / 07 / 2008
Author : David Tilson - VK3UR

To assist with network planning of the WIA D-STAR Repeater Network an online survey is now available and that we request all Australian D-STAR users complete.

There has been huge growth in Australian D-STAR activity over the last 12 months, including the installation and commissioning of a number of D-STAR repeaters around Australia, with more to come over the next few months.

It is timely for the WIA D-STAR Project Team, from around Australia, to build a profile of Australia's D-STAR users capabilities, operating preferences and knowledge of D-STAR to ensure that the WIA D-STAR Repeater Network and services are designed appropriately to meet the needs of Australia's amateur radio operators, as well as complying with recent changes to the Australian Amateur Radio LCD's.

Whether your interests in D-STAR vary from just talking to your mates across the local 2m D-STAR repeater, through to high speed file transfer across the world to other amateur radio operators using 23cm Fast Data, your input to this survey will assist in the development of our national D-STAR repeater network.

The survey can be accessed by clicking the following Link until the end of July. A summary of survey results will be made available during August.


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