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As it Happened: Space Hackers

Date : 15 / 07 / 2008
Author : Richard - VK2SKY

The story of brother Achille and Giovanni Judica-Cordiglia, two amateur radio enthusiasts who, during the early '60s, hacked into the radio transmissions of the US and Russian space programs capturing unique audio-recordings of the progress in the battle between the two superpowers for the final frontier.

Wikipedia has an interesting page on the brothers which you can view by clicking the following Link the site includes a further link to another page that debunks some of the brothers' claims. But who cares, watch the show anyway - it's not often Amateur Radio gets a mention on TV!

As it Happened: Space Hackers is screening this Friday the 18th of July on SBS at 8.30pm.

Click the following Link to view the program guide on the SBS website.


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