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Ballot for Two Letter Callsigns – Some Questions

Date : 01 / 08 / 2008
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

A number of questions have been asked since the details of the ballot for two letter callsigns were released on 1 August, and here are the answers to two of them.

As was said in the release announcing the posting of the details – "An application to participate must be on the application form and must be accompanied by the non refundable fee of $59.74 and must be either hand delivered to the WIA office or received through the mail by Friday 29 August."

The fee of $59.74 is a fee to enter the ballot and represents the costs that the WIA is likely to incur for its conduct and is therefore non refundable in the event of an applicant not being successful.

The other question was could someone who was prepared to meet the fee in each case put in multiple entries for the ballot.

The answer is no. The WIA considers that to allow multiple applications from the same person is not within the spirit of the process and would be inconsistent with the principles set out by ACMA that the WIA is obliged to observe.


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