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Digital Radio Plus

Date : 19 / 09 / 2008
Author : Digital Radio Plus News

The Australian radio industry last week revealed the digital radio logo and multi-million dollar on-air awareness campaign that will launch the switch-on of the Australian radio industry’s new technology platform. “Digital Radio – it’s radio as you know it…plus”, forms the basis of the campaign. A plus (+) feature acts as a constant memory aid in all – radio, online, point of sale and visual media and a distinctive audio sonic mnemonic will identify the brand on radio, television and online.

Every execution in the campaign is designed to generate interest by illustrating that no matter what type of radio broadcast you listen to – music, talk, sport, news, lifestyle… digital radio will enhance the experience and make it that much better.

The Digital Radio Plus campaign features a sonic mnemonic feature and is a subtle 'plus' vocal using the voice of a child. The sonic is the most important part of the brand as its designed to serve as an audio shorthand for the brand like the iconic Intel sound or Windows start up sound.

A new consumer website, will become the digital radio information gateway where listeners, retailers and all key stakeholders can easily access information about digital radio. The site will incorporate training modules for retailers and the advertising industry highlighting what digital radio can deliver. All communication will direct listeners, readers and viewers to the new consumer website. The first phase of the digital radio awareness raising campaign encourages consumers to find out more about what digital radio means for them and to even undertake a postcode search to find out where the broadcasts will be available and which retailers will stock digital radios.

Consumers can SMS their postcode to the mobile phone number 0409DRPLUS (0409 377 587) to find out if they will be able to receive digital radio in their area. They will almost immediately get a message back to advise them if digital will be broadcasting in their area.

The launch campaign for digital radio will illustrate that radio is about to undergo a multimedia technology transition. The industry-wide Digital Radio Plus on-air awareness campaign, worth an estimated $10 million will be rolled out in three phases in the first quarter of 2009 in the digital radio launch markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The first phase in the campaign will be a tease tactic to commence in the first quarter of 2009 to introduce the brand and raise awareness. Phase two will outline the new capabilities and benefits of digital radio and generate excitement in preparation for a specific retail promotion to take place. Phase three will drive the usage of digital radio as the switch-on takes place and also promote a national listener focused “Launch Event”.

A number of business briefings were held in the digital radio launch markets of Sydney and Melbourne last week to provide an overview of the industry-wide Digital Radio Plus awareness campaign. The Industry has worked very closely with the radio industry, manufacturers and retailers to develop a logo and collateral that will work in all third party applications. The briefings were an opportunity to keep all partners up to date on planning.

The industry has launched a simple to use “style guide” with all of the content descriptions for application. Its available in both soft and hard copy. Storage of all content is via a secure site so we can ensure high quality visuals and broadcast quality. The Digital Radio Plus Corporate Identity may be used by Broadcasters, Strategic Partners and third parties and can only be used in conjunction with the “Brand Guidelines” document. A “fee free” licence agreement must be viewed and signed acknowledging an understanding of the terms of use, prior to access of the content.

The radio industry last week announced that the national switch-on for digital radio will take place on 1 May 2009 following resolution of infrastructure issues relating to the rollout of transmission equipment. Commercial Radio Australia and ABC Radio have consistently taken the position that the successful introduction of digital radio in Australia is dependent on an integrated national industry rollout with both public and commercial broadcasters switching on simultaneously in the 5 mainland capital cities.

Many of Australia’s leading retailers and manufacturers of digital radio products have joined forces to ensure a united effort in launching digital radio onto the Australian commercial market. Meeting recently for the first time with radio industry executives in Sydney, Australia’s leading retailers and manufacturers have formed the Broadcasters, Retailers and Receiver Manufacturers Digital Radio Advisory Group, which will meet regularly to discuss strategy for the launch of digital radio.

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner recently met with Chinese broadcast regulator, SARFT, and major Chinese broadcasters in Beijing to discuss Australia’s plans for the switch-on of digital radio next year. Australia is leading countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland and many in the Asia Pacific region in the adoption of the DAB+ digital format, and has gained international recognition for being at the forefront of digital radio innovation and policy development.

The WorldDMB, in conjunction with the EBU, broadcasters, manufacturers and EICTA, (the European consumer electronics industry body, have released the Digital Radio Receiver Profiles. These Profiles provide a set of specifications relating to the features and functions to be included in all digital radio receivers employing the Eureka 147 Family of Standards. The purpose is to enable all manufacturers to make digital radios which will perform to a known set of criteria in all territories regardless of whether a broadcaster has elected to use DAB, DAB+ or DMB for radio services. This is designed to eliminate the consequences of differing country-by-country.

DAB+ technology development continues world-wide with the launch of DAB+ in Malta an announcement by Hungary with plans to launch in December and Italy has announced DAB+ trails in Rome.

Commercial Radio Australia is working with leading DAB+ chipmaker Frontier Silicon to raise awareness and interest of the uptake of DAB+ digital radio in a number of countries. The joint initiative is aligned with the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, with a series of meetings with leading receiver manufacturers at the fair, followed by a digital radio event.

Frontier Silicon, the leading supplier of digital radio technology, is enabling manufacturers around the world to produce a single low-cost digital radio receiver with full Europe-wide compatibility. This is now possible because broadcasters, regulators and technology providers have defined the minimum requirements for receivers - an unprecedented initiative that is creating the right conditions for the successful launch of digital radio across Europe. DAB+, the digital radio format being introduced in Australia, is based on the original DAB standard and uses a more efficient audio codec.

Revo Technologies has announced the release of the world’s first portable ‘hybrid’ DAB/DAB+ and internet radio.

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