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VK6 Dstar Launch Event

Date : 20 / 10 / 2008
Author : Eddie Saunders - VK6ZSE

On Saturday 18th of October, VK6 celebrated the launch of their new D-Star repeater system.

The new repeater has been installed at Walliston by the Western Australian Repeater group (WARG).

Around 56 radio amateurs keen to find out about D-Star and the new repeater system attended the launch, with some travelling from as far away as Manjimup a 4 hour drive south of Perth just for the day.

A technical presentation of the D-Star system was given by Peter Willmont VK3TQ from Icom and Richard Hoskin VK3JFK. Aoki VK3NON Managing Director of Icom Australia shared information about Icom and their role in supporting Amateur Radio in Australia. Michael Owen VK3KI President of the Wireless Institute of Australia addressed the meeting explaining the role of the WIA and the importance of supporting the National organisation.

John Tower VK6IM, from Tower Communications was at hand to demonstrate a variety of D-STAR radios and Heath VK6TWO from WARG had his equipment there to program D-star radios. Presentations and questions over, everyone enjoyed the sausage sizzle on the grounds, Peter and Richard were sought out by eager amateurs for more information on the capabilities D-Star.

Thanks goes to the Western Australian Repeater Group for making the VK6 D-Star launch a memorable and enjoyable event.

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Peter Willmont VK3TQ

Part of the enthusiastic crowd

Part of the enthusiastic crowd

Peter Willmont VK3TQ presentation

Takashi Aoki VK3NON answering a questions from the crowd

WIA President Michael Owen VK3KI

Richard Hoskin VK3JFK answering questions

Peter Willmont VK3TQ demonstrating D-Star


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