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All Systems Go For Anderson's Creek Primary School's ISS Contact

Date : 07 / 11 / 2008
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3KRB

Anderson's Creek Primary School is set for their much anticipated ISS contact scheduled to take place Monday the 10th of November. The link-up will commence at 6:56 pm Vic Summer Time, which is AOS (Acquisition Of Signal) or when the ISS comes in range of the ARISS base station. Tony Hutchison VK5ZAI will be providing the ISS to Earth link-up and the students will be speaking with ISS crew member Mike Fincke. Mike took a very active interest in school contacts when he last flew on the ISS back in 2004.

Pictured above from left to right: Deb McMellan from the Andersons Creek School Council, Des McKenzie School Principal and Science & Technology teacher Andrea Leeder.

Listen to the Contact on IRLP and ECHOLINK
Anderson's Creek audio will be fed live to the IRLP Discovery Reflector node 9010 in Halifax. and also to the Echolink AMSAT Server node 101377

About the Contact
Approx 30 minutes before the contact the school will receive a telephone call from a teleconference operator based in the US on the ARISS phone patch unit. The conference operator will then in turn call Tony VK5ZAI in Kingston South Australia and will also patch in Will Marchant, KC6ROL who will moderate the contact from the USA. At approx 6 minutes before AOS (6:50 pm) the official introduction commences with Will mentioning the sponsors and giving further details what is going to take place. He will then ask Des McKenzie, Principal of Anderson Creek Primary School to say a few words about the school. Then right on cue Tony will commence calling the ISS and after establishing radio contact will say to Mike Finke on board the ISS "I have Anderson's Creek waiting on line, go ahead and ask your first question" One by one the students will be able to ask their questions and wait for the answer. The contact is expected to go for 10 minutes whilst the ISS remains within radio range.

About the School
Anderson's Creek Primary School is situated 30 kilometres northeast of Melbourne and has over 340 students. It is nestled in a tranquil natural environment. The school is surrounded by native vegetation that invites parrots, galahs and the sound of laughing kookaburras. Its architectural design encourages cooperative teaching and is very much a community based school which places great importance on the partnership between parents and teachers. There is a strong emphasis on the use of information technology in our classrooms.

Warrandyte is a small township of around 14,000 people, situated on the Yarra River and surrounded by beautiful State Parks. The town is known for its painters and potters. Gold mining played an important role in the establishment of Warrandyte. The very first payable gold for Victoria was discovered here in 1851, at Anderson’s Creek, which runs behind the school. This is why the Anderson’s Creek school logo is a poppet head.

Keeping your eye on the ISS
For those of you who are interested to track the ISS as it passes over there are a number of ways available.

1: Download and install a Satellite tracking program. One of the popular free programs is Satscape, accessible via the following Link there are versions for the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

2: Use one of the web based tracking pages the following Link will take you to a popular page, it will update in real time so broadband is required.

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ISS crew member - Mike Finke
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