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A lot to learn for new radio amateurs

Date : 15 / 11 / 2008
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

Two long time amateur radio friends were chatting at the recent Ballarat Hamvention and one of them revealed he had just worked 300 on 80-metres.

Standing nearby were two young new hams and one expressed confidence that he too could work 300 on that band.

Their facial expressions quickly turned to one of jaw dropping astonishment when it was explained to them that it was 300 DX countries and not 300 QSOs.

David McAulay VK3EW explained how he just worked Michael Kongstedt OX3MC in Greenland on 80-metres via greyline propagation, a difficult task due to the auroral zone of the north pole.

David VK3EW got into DX as a young ham himself, gaining the DXCC in late 1981 and in more recent times receiving the first WIA 9 Band DXCC – that is 100 countries on all of 9 bands.

Getting the last 50 countries on 80-metres has been a most challenging experience particularly from south-eastern Australia, where propagation can be more problematic at times.

So the two young new hams were keen to know if David VK3EW had any other challenges left, and he told them he’s now chasing 160 countries and 160-metres, with 20 to go it may take a few more years yet.

What influence that conversation will have on the future directions of those two new hams, only time will tell, but it once again highlights the enormous value of mentoring within the amateur radio community.

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