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Assessment System – Three years since the new LCD

Date : 08 / 12 / 2008
Author : Fred Swainston - VK3DAC

In October 2005 the new LCD introduced a new era in Amateur Radio in Australia. The very first WIA Assessors for Amateur Radio Licence examinations were trained by the WIA Nominated Registered Training Organisation and authorized to assess by the WIA Board of Directors.

Those WIA Assessors first registered have just completed the re-registration process to remain as WIA Assessors. This three year re-registration period, as per the WIA exam instructions, is a milestone in the Amateur Radio Assessment system.

From the first training in South Australia to today the assessment system has grown to 197 registered Assessors and 44 Learning Facilitators. There are also 67 radio amateurs currently training as Assessors or Learning Facilitators. The Assessors and Learning Facilitators are the front line interface for prospective radio amateurs becoming involved in Amateur Radio and have provided an invaluable service to Amateur Radio in Australia and the WIA.

The assessment system is a great success and has performed far in excess of original estimations and expectations.

Since the introduction of the new LCD’s, Foundation licence and assessment system Amateur Radio Operator numbers in Australia have grown, whereas Amateur Radio Operators globally have been shrinking.

Other countries are taking notice of what we have done in Australia and are looking at how this may apply to their Amateur Radio entry systems. Entry to the Amateur Radio fraternity is critical to growth and growth provides sustainability as well as longevity for the Amateur Radio Service.

We welcome those who wish to become involved in Amateur Radio education and training. By filling in the application form on the WIA web site will commence the process.

More importantly all Radio Amateurs need to look toward the future seeking new and innovative concepts and systems to introduce to the amateur service and then to work toward introducing these concepts. We need Amateur Radio to grow to be sustainable.

Fred Swainston VK3DAC


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