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Five-Ham Family Down Under

Date : 11 / 12 / 2008
Author : Walt Davidson - KC70MZ - From Dec 08 QST

We have an IRLP Radio Net here in the Phoenix Area and some check-ins from father north. The Las Vegas reflector has been kind enough to let us use that channel every morning from 0415 until 0530 Mountain Time. There are usually some six or eight hams in the Sydney area that also connect to the reflector, and we have a great time talking and comparing notes.

Among the hams from Down Under are the Simpsons. The Simpsons are both school teachers who live in New South Wales, and the three daughters are also now licensed. This pas spring, Alicia, VK2FALI, now 9, gave a ham radio demo to her Fourth Grade class, including a contact here to the Phoenix area. Shortly after the last member of the family got her call sign we has the entire Simpson family check in on the Phoenix Down Under Net (

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Article as it appeared in Dec 08 QST Magazine


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