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Portable activity sets new record

Date : 20 / 11 / 2014
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

There was a lot of portable activity at the weekend throughout VK3 for the Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award with a record 33 of the 45 National Parks activated, 8 more than last year. Award Manager Tony Hambling says he has now received new award applications as a result of the increased activity.

Some interstate visitors from VK2 and VK5 supplemented VK3 portable operators, resulting in a very big thank you to all Hunters and Activators. John VK2AWJ took the Murray River road trip with a detour South activating 6 parks along the way, while Larry VK5LY activated the Murray-Sunset National Park. And Paul VK5PAS was in 6 National Parks, 4 SOTA Peaks plus put 4 VK5 Conservation Parks on air while travelling east, for the VK5 Parks Award. Paul VK5PAS qualified on the weekend for the KRMNPA Merit Plaque working Peter VK3PF in the final three East Gippsland Parks that he needed.... taking it to all 45 VK3 Parks Worked.

Allen VK3HRA stopped by Morwell National Park to give Bernard VK3AMB/VK3AV his final location to also qualify for the KRMNPA "Merit" Plaque. He also has qualified for the "Merit" award and now VK3HRA is now focussing on activating his final 25 Parks for the Grand Slam Award. Frank VK2HFS was also busy, and in his words Frank said "Having had a ripper time over the weekend working 16 different parks". Another KRMNPA Basic Award is on the way to Frank who only needed 10 National Parks to qualify.

Some of the National Parks were activated as a courtesy to help those chasing them, while others remained there for long periods of time working many Hunters to ensure the best coverage possible. All activity was put up on the ParksNPeaks website which had plenty of hits over the weekend, and included "spotting" by many Hunters from all classes of licence.

There were stations working DX via Long Path Europe on 20m, and on the DX Clusters were spotted at least Peter VK3ZPF, Joe VK3YSP and Paul VK5PAS. And of course stations took part in the VK Spring SOTA Party at the same time. This included many activations from Interstate as well as VK3, leading to even more KRMNPA activity. In the thick of things for the VK5 Award and VKFF were Col VK5HCF and Tom VK5EE in South Australia's Canunda National Park located South-East of Adelaide.

The next KRMNPA Activity Period is November 13-16 2015, although National Parks may be activated at any time, with all involved mindful of Parks Victoria requirements, particularly during the bushfire season.


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