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2016 News Releases




Insurance for radio clubs

Date : 06 / 04 / 2016
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

All clubs are encouraged to take out public liability insurance, such as the policy offered annually by the Wireless Institute of Australia to its affiliated clubs. The WIA entered this area some years ago because it had become an issue of expense for individual clubs and a group scheme, through an insurance broker, was established. The conditions of the insurance cover offered are on the WIA website.

This bulk policy means that all club information must be received by a deadline for a policy to begin. This year particularly with new staff the WIA has found it difficult to obtain and verify all information from clubs, even though the process began in January. A decision was made by the WIA to use the 14-day grace period available to continue the cover.

The WIA has been chasing a few clubs for their outstanding information, rather than closing the book and making the single payment that would have left them without insurance. All clubs that have responded were advised of the extension that results in them being covered. However, the WIA needs to finalise the matter very soon and make a single payment so that insurance cover is provided to the participating clubs for the next 12 months.


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