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WIA/RES Foundation Licence App

Date : 13 / 04 / 2016
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

Training for the popular Foundation Licence in Australia is now available as an App for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets downloadable from iTunes or Google Play. The software was developed by Ron Bertrand VK2DQ who heads up the Radio & Electronics School (R&ES) with support from the WIA, fills an unmet need in this niche market of mobile device users.

The App goes through the Foundation Licence syllabus step-by-step, with 17 tutorials, and for the Practical Assessment covers each competency in 20 tutorials. While formal theory, regulation and practical classes suit most people, it leaves those unable to attend for a number of reasons not able to easily access the necessary training. Established in 1997 the R&ES provides structured mentoring for aspiring radio amateurs. The volunteer not-for-profit organisation believes the course, via the new App, can be completed in a few days.

When ready, direct contact is needed with a WIA Assessor and these are on the WIA website If you live remotely and/or have a disability a special assessment can be requested via a Nominated Assessor appointed by the WIA.
The iOS (Apple) version is ‘Amateur Radio (Foundation) Course’ with the one for Android called ‘Ham Radio (Foundation)’ to comply with naming conventions.

Ron VK2DQ believes it to be a first of its kind in the world, although a few practice question drills are available. He explained that a number of a logistical problems had to be overcome in the development and testing phase to make them more user friendly, including being available to use off-line. The App is designed so that if there are changes to the syllabus new videos can be uploaded using the existing menu structure. The on-line course recommends purchasing a copy of the WIA publication ‘Your Entry into Amateur Radio, The Foundation Licence Manual’, to be used and studied in conjunction with the App.

The WIA/RES App should give more people the opportunity to enter and enjoy an exciting hobby, and maybe this will lead to career opportunities.

iOS Foundation course: Link

Android Foundation course Link

R&ES contact at:

WIA Webpage : Link


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