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2016 News Releases




WIA Affiliate club insurance update

Date : 14 / 04 / 2016
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The WIA's 2016 Affiliated Club Liability Insurance is to be finalised on Thursday the 14th April. All paperwork related to the Club Insurance has been lodged with the insurance Broker, and the Broker and Insurer are in the process of checking the calculations.

Insurance Certificates should be distributed to all insured clubs on Friday the 15th April.

The group public liability insurance scheme has already been fully taken up by 100 clubs or 95 per cent, with attempts still being made on the remainder who have not replied or given the full information yet. Any clubs that fail to provide the information requested soon will this year be left out of the insurance, and notified of their ineligibility by express post.

The WIA, through a broker, offers the insurance cover that requires it to make a single payment by the deadline, which has been extended this year through an available grace period. There may be one or two clubs that despite all attempts fail to comply with the deadline. Unfortunately they cannot be in the scheme and may wish to find their own public liability insurance cover.


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