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ACMA computer system issues affecting licence issuing and renewals

Date : 30 / 07 / 2016
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

As some licensees have discovered, there has been a problem recently with the ACMA’s online licensing database not showing that a licence was current after a renewal or new licence payment had been made.

The WIA has had discussions with the ACMA over the past week concerning this issue. Late on Friday, 29 July, the Licence Issue & Allocation Section of the ACMA provided the following statement:

“The ACMA is currently experiencing an issue with our finance system that is affecting the issue and renewal of some licences. The issue occurs where an invoice, either a request for payment or a renewal notice, was issued last financial year but has been paid this financial year.

“Clients who have paid their invoices on or before the payment due date can consider their licences to be issued and may commence operation. This includes payments for the renewal of licences.

“We are working with our provider to address this issue. Until the issue is resolved, data on the Register of Radiocommunications Licences will be inaccurate.

“The ACMA suggests call sign recommendations cease until this problem is resolved as there is a risk that duplicate call signs will be issued.”

Accordingly, the Public List of Available Callsigns on the WIA website has been suspended until we are advised by the ACMA that the issue with its finance system is resolved.

For the time being, the National Office is unable to proceed with any callsign recommendations for the same reason.

In summary, if you have paid the fee for your new licence, or your renewal, before the due date, you can go on-air and operate with confidence.

If you missed the due date for payment of your renewal and paid subsequently within the 60 days grace period, you may wish to contact the ACMA to follow up. Ensure that you have proof that you made the payment.


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