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2016 News Releases




WIA recruitment, digital AR magazine, and the Committee System

Date : 23 / 08 / 2016
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The WIA Board continues to discuss a range of matters on its busy agenda each month.

An idea floated at the AGM was to give all new radio amateurs a period of free WIA membership with hard copies of the Amateur Radio magazine in the post. It fits in with the WIA Board priority of seeking to recruit new members. It was a good suggestion however, after investigation, it was considered that the administration costs of the proposal would be too high.

Out of this exercise came a better way to effect the original recruitment tool. This would be a coupon system that allows new amateurs to download a free digital edition of Amateur Radio magazine, for a limited period. The Board decided to move ahead with development of such a coupon system for new radio amateurs.

On another matter the WIA Board is keen to strengthen is the WIA Committee System.

A new structure was discussed where each Committee could consist of a Director, and a Committee Leader. This would reduce the day-to-day involvement of Directors, except in Committees dealing with Regulatory, Financial and Administrative issues.

Instead of having them all just called a Committee, it was decided to reflect more closely their purpose and method working, with them to fall under four categories.

Permanent Committee: One that acts together or meets regularly, to effect its on-going functions or tasks.

Advisory Groups: Set up on an ad-hoc basis to provide advice to the WIA Board.

Working Groups: To study and report on all aspects of a particular issue, and make recommendations.

While Taskforces will work on a single, defined task or activity to be completed within a specified time frame.

On another matter, also arising out of the AGM, where about 40 per cent of members present indicated that they preferred the digital edition of Amateur Radio magazine, and do not want the paper copy. When specifically asked, most did not expect to receive a WIA membership fee reduction.

The WIA Board has resolved to move ahead with the development of an paper edition opt-out for Amateur Radio magazine. WIA members who still wish to receive the paper edition will not be affected. The WIA Board is to be briefed further on the mechanics of the proposed opt-out system, before testing and then introducing the system later this year.


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