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Battle of Long Tan anniversary on air

Date : 24 / 08 / 2016
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The Australian commemoration of 50 years since the Battle of Long Tan during the Vietnam War continues with at least the states of Western Australia (VK6), Queensland (VK4) and the Australian Capital Territory (VK1) already on air. The Wireless Institute of Australia has obtained ACMA licences for each state and territory that end with the suffix B L T 50. These are available under conditions and on a roster for use in the commemoration over 30 days.

The Battle on August 18, 1966, saw 108 ANZACS against an enemy of an estimated up to 2,500 soldiers that resulted in a heavy loss on both sides, and one the few engagements in history to be won against such odds. The driver of the event, a veteran himself, is Mal VK6LC who has the VI6BLT50 callsign with a team of Steve VK6OZ, Phil VK6GX Craig VK6VCK, Paul VK6LOT, Marty VK6RC and himself, all working through sometimes adverse conditions to make 800 contacts. VI6BLT50 is on SSB, CW and RTTY working from the North Pole to Antarctica as well as logging the six continents – well done. The VI6BLT50 calling frequencies and other details are on which has had about 2,500 hits.

VI4BLT50 in Queensland has been active on all bands since August 18, and is on air for 30 days.
Ewan VK4ERM says several VK4 stations have activated the callsign and made good contacts across Australia in spite of the generally poor conditions. VK4 individual and club stations may book their operating time slots, remember the need for an accurate log of VI4BLT. Those on the roster must log the start and end times, plus the location used for the callsign. Link

Ewan VK4ERM welcomes this commemorative activity and thanks all who have so far made the contact. VI1BLT50 is in Canberra courtesy Tex VK1TX. All report good activity and appreciation of the effort being shown.


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