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ACMA reports increased new radio amateurs

Date : 20 / 10 / 2016
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The Wireless Institute of Australia which provides the ACMA services had 1,271 exams, made 1,119 callsign recommendations, and issued certificates of proficiency. In a break-down table, the ACMA reports an increase in new licences all amateur grades being issued in the 12 month period. These were the Foundation Licence at 397, Standard Licence Standard 108, and the Advance Licence at 89, with an overall increase of 45.

The ACMA had a fall of 77 amateur licences on issue to 15,065 at June 2016, but reports a trend that each type of its 153,000 apparatus licences also declined in the last two years. The timing of the WIA reporting period produces some variation when compared to ACMA licence numbers, and is mostly due to some problems with the new computerised SPECTRA licence database system. Also there have been those who qualify through an assessment, obtain a WIA callsign recommendation, but have not been Granted an ACMA amateur station licence, due to non-payment of the invoice.

Meantime, a reduction in interference caused by dodgy Light Emitting Diodes or LED displays used for Christmas lights has resulted from an ACMA awareness campaign. The ACMA continues its active monitoring and compliance program, and caught up in its net are pirate broadcasters, and a case of harassing and offensive transmissions on Citizen Band Radio.

The ACMA had also permitted phone jammer tests at the Lithgow and Goulburn jails, and mindful that emissions from the normally illegal devices are not causing interference outside those correctional facilities.


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