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2016 News Releases




WIA Directors undergo training

Date : 21 / 10 / 2016
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

Like all modern not-for-profit companies, the Wireless Institute of Australia governed by an elected Board of Directors have received training from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. While some already had a similar awareness through their employment, all thought that training could be of help with their knowledge and skills to perform their duties.

Because of the special nature of the WIA reflected in its constitution, everyone who becomes a Director or carries out various voluntary roles, must be a member, and a radio amateur.

The AIDC e-learning came in separate modules covering the Director role, how a Board can work, Conflict of Interest, and Governance. It also touched on the Corporations Act and the obligations of Directors, former Directors or Office-bearers. The WIA Directors described the AIDC training as personally beneficial. Although carry out most duties well already, the training reaffirmed many current practices, but did highlight a few that are now in a clearer focus.


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