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Brenda Edmonds VK3KT LMWIA (sk)

Date : 15 / 02 / 2017
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Brenda Edmonds VK3KT. She died on Sunday February 12, aged 86.

Although small in stature, the well-humoured and knowledgeable Brenda was a giant in many WIA roles. These included being the Federal Education Officer, on the Federal Council, and through the IARU Region 3 STARS (Support to the Amateur Radio Service) program in less affluent nations, and Chair its Harmonisation of Licence Qualifications Committee. Her enthusiasm for Amateur Radio was also shared with her large family, who were involved in the hobby.

As WIA Education Officer during a period of change in the mid-1980s, she pushed the exam and syllabus to closely reflect the emerging modes and special techniques of the day. While this had some support, others disagreed seeing the rest of the world stick to the basics. That role also involved the WIA Exam Service and negotiations with authorities about the future provision of examinations.

Brenda was always focussed on supporting the WIA, always with good humour, thoughtfulness and dedication. The WIA Victorian Division appointed her as its Federal Councillor. This led to being a candidate for Federal President, and Brenda with good humour gladly accepted the lessor role of WIA Director. Upon retirement as a Director in 2002, the WIA Victorian Division made her a WIA Life Member in recognition of many years of service.

Brenda was the driving force behind the WIA having a booth at the Great Australian Science Show in Melbourne to promote Amateur Radio to the younger generation, and had several clubs combine their resources to make it a success.

When the National WIA began in May 2004, she was a regular office volunteer, making further contributions. She was also a behind the scenes proof-reader for the WIA journal Amateur Radio magazine for many years, and Editor of the WIA Callbook until 2008.

The death of Brenda Edmonds VK3KT LMWIA is a sad loss to the WIA and Amateur Radio generally. Our thoughts and prayers go to her family, friends and associates.


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