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WIA Merit Awards

Date : 21 / 03 / 2018
Author : Peter Clee - VK8ZZ WIA Secretary

The WIA Merit Award program identifies and recognises outstanding achievement in the field of Amateur Radio that furthers the science of radio, and service to the WIA. The Awards play an important role in promoting excellence with WIA members making nominations and then the WIA Board makes final decisions.

We are now calling for nominations for the 2018 awards.

The WIA Merit Awards include:
  GA Taylor Medal
  WIA Honorary Life Membership
  Chris Jones Award
  Ron Wilkinson Achievement Award
  WIA Technical Excellence Award
  WIA Foundation Licence Award
  Presidents Commendation

A list of award recipients and their achievements are published in Amateur Radio magazine and on the WIA Sunday broadcast. The WIA web site shows a full list of previous recipients. Nominations should be in the approved format using the form that is on the WIA web site. Via this Link

The specific type of award is not part of the nomination process. That decision is made by the WIA Board of Directors. Not all WIA Merit Awards are necessarily awarded each year.

When nominations are successful, these are usually announced at the WIA Annual General Meeting, and where possible presented at that gathering of members.

Nominations close on 15th April 2018.


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