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WIA meets with ACMA

Date : 27 / 04 / 2018
Author : WIA Board

The WIA meets regularly with the ACMA to ensure it maintains an excellent working relationship.

This took place recently and the following is a brief summary of some of the key topics discussed:

New Legislation and Arrangements:

  The ACMA is deep into consultation and implementation of the new Radiocommunications Bill. A large number of amendments are currently being incorporated and will go out for another round of consultations

  The WIA expressed concern about the ACMA being under-funded and under-resourced

  The ACMA will be seeking tenders for the provision services. Discussion was held about the Deed Transition Out Plan including records management arrangements

Emerging Threat:

  The WIA expressed concern to the ACMA about WRC 9.1.6 agenda item – Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) because of the potential of harmonics and intermods from high powered WPT systems in close proximity to suburban environment. This was presented at the recent Asia Pacific Telecommunity Group WRC Preparatory meeting in Perth. The ACMA welcomed the WIA engagement in the dialogue on this issue

Conditions and Assessment:

  The WIA outlined the progress on the LCD submission and the ACMA appreciated being kept up to date and is looking forward to receiving the submission

  The WIA also outlined that there is a body of work being undertaken to identify the implications on the assessment syllabus in light of the LCD submission

  The ACMA agreed to place the syllabus review as a standing agenda item

  Once the WIA makes the LCD submission the ACMA agreed to keep the WIA informed of progress


  The WIA and ACMA also discussed financial reporting deadlines not aligning with ASIC requirements and the issues this creates. Agreement was reached on sharing exposure drafts to overcome these issues leading up to audited accounts being available

  Progress reports were provided on the assessment, complaints and performance reporting

  The ACMA has committed to keeping the WIA informed of key elements and requirements with the introduction of the new RadComm Bill, Deed changes and spectrum roadmaps

Continuous Improvement:

  The WIA discussed the streamlining of the assessment process and making it an on-line process. There was a progress report presented with over 350 people participating. The ACMA requested updates as the trial progresses

  The WIA requested a progress update on the ACMA to clarify current requirements for the WIA to manage information captured whilst conducting ACMA business. Particular focus is on third party Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service providers

  The WIA outlined that it was instituting Terms of Reference, Position descriptions, Policies, Procedures and Plans to overcome the organisational memory loss in 2017

  The WIA defined how it is making the organisation more sustainable with a longer term focus including a high level of provisioning for future needs in the 2018 budget

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