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Thailand Cave Rescue - Ham Radio Link

Date : 11 / 07 / 2018
Author : WIA

The amateur radio group on Reddit Link carried a story about the use of the HeyPhone communications device that the cave rescuers used during the recent rescue in Thailand.

The HeyPhone was designed by John Hey G3TDZ (SK 2016) with the support of the British Cave Rescue Council BCRC and the Cave Radio & Electronics Group (CREG), which is a special interest group of the British Cave Research Association (BCRA).

The HeyPhone design uses single-sideband radio, usually operating at 87kHz USB. It is operated with earthed electrodes separated by 25m to 100m that injects current into the earth similar to the trench communications of the First World War.

Further information on the HeyPhone can be found at: Link

Further information about the rescue and use of the HeyPhones:

Hackaday Story on Heyphone Link

Pictures Credit to Peter Dell and sourced from the Link story.

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