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Special Event callsigns for the Centenary of the Armistice

Date : 06 / 10 / 2018
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

Apply today for your opportunity to use the State and Territory special event callsigns for the Centenary of the Armistice that ended World War One.

As is well-known, many radio amateurs played a key role in wartime communications. To show respect, the WIA has secured Special Event callsigns for use across all Australian States and Territories. These commemorative callsigns will be much sought after on-air, throughout the world.

Two States and Territories callsigns will be available – VI # PEACE, along with VI # LWF (for Lest We Forget). The call area numeral substitutes for the # – one through zero. The callsigns will be available for use between the third and the eleventh of November, a few short weeks away. VK100PEACE will also be used by the WIA to provide for the event’s on-air opening and closing addresses.

These callsigns and their licence fees are paid for by the WIA, and the ACMA has agreed on their use for the nominated period. Clubs, groups and/or individuals can apply to use the State and Territory callsigns on a roster basis for periods up to 24 hours over the third to eleventh November.

It is expected that the roster will fill quickly. To make an application, email trainsafe, with “Armistice callsigns” in the subject line.

As they are Advanced grade callsigns, applicants must have an Advanced licence. Intermediate and Foundation licensees will be able to use the callsigns, but such operators’ licence conditions apply regarding bands, modes and power, unless an Advanced operator is present during the operation.

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