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WIA Christmas Message

Date : 23 / 12 / 2018
Author : WIA Board

I wish all amateurs, shortwave listeners and experimenters a happy and safe holiday season for 2018 and hope we are all looking forward to what 2019 will bring.

I will again use the Wireless Institute of Australia objects to focus this Christmas thank you message.

Number one is to promote, advance and represent in any way it thinks fit Amateur Radio and the interests of Radio Amateurs.

I thank the many many affiliated clubs with volunteers that constantly promote this great hobby of amateur radio to the general public.

Amateur radio operators are seen out in the bush, on that car rally, on an equine endurance, boating, canoe, running or cycling events. At JOTA/JOTI helping the scouts and guides make contact using radio, satellites and the internet. Helping the fire authorities and SES with radio communications through WICEN groups. Many schools and parents see students talking with Astronauts on the International Space Station and many other events and functions that all use amateur radio.

Number two is to protect and enhance the privileges of Radio Amateurs.

This involves local, national and international commitments to affiliated clubs, the ACMA, the IARU and ITU and I thank the dedicated team of volunteers who ensure amateur radio is at the front of law makers and regulators minds at all levels. This is especially true as we head into 2019 and the next World Radio Conference.

There are teams of volunteers who ensure that Australian amateurs operate within the parameters set by the regulators. Band planning & monitoring, technical requirements, repeaters and different frequencies and modes are all taken care of by a team of volunteers.

Number three is to encourage an awareness of the value of Amateur Radio.

We have a team of volunteers I need to thank who put together our flagship magazine - Amateur Radio. There is also our weekly broadcast team of volunteers who bring us the news and views of amateur radio each week. I thank the website and social media volunteers who ensure our presence on the internet is available, accurate and interesting.

There is a team of volunteers involved with contests, awards and field days demonstrating the fun of amateur radio and that we can step-up with viable emergency communications when disaster strikes.

Our volunteers who capture, maintain and promote our long 108 year heritage of amateur radio. As well as the army of QSL volunteers who ensure that the QSL is the final acknowledgment of the contact, I sincerely thank you.

Number four is to educate and encourage potential Radio Amateurs, to represent Radio Amateurs both nationally and internationally.

Working to deliver and continually improve our assessment and learning system that enables us to educate, train, upgrade and assess future amateur radio operators is a core function of the WIA. I thank the army of volunteer assessors, facilitators and trainers that this system depends on.

Last but not least is to provide services for Radio Amateurs and those interested in Amateur Radio.

I take this opportunity to send special thanks to Bruce and Petra in the Office. 2018 has been a huge year with many many changes and challenges happening and I cannot thank you enough for your support.

I finish by sending out a huge thank you to all the volunteers that are involved in running the Wireless Institute of Australia. If it was not for these people then the WIA would never have or continue to exist.

May your holiday period be filled with RF and great DX. Stay safe out there and see you in 2019.

73 from Justin VK7TW on behalf of the WIA Board.

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