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VHF/UHF Winter Field Day 2019

Date : 05 / 06 / 2019
Author : WIA

There is only two weekends until the Winter 2019 - VHF/UHF Field Day. That means portable and home operation on bands above 30MHz. The founding principle of the Field Days is to spend time outdoors and have fun, so the Single-band and Four-bands Subsections meets that philosophy and provides a taste of microwave contesting for newbies.

There are sections cover:
 Portable operation single operator (8 or 24 hour operation)
 Portable operation multiple operators (8 or 24 hour operation)
 Home operation (8 or 24 hour operation)
 Rover station (8 or 24 hour operation)

Sub-sections include:
 Single band only
 Four bands 6m / 2m / 70cm / 23cm any two, up to four - only
 All bands - 50MHz and above

The two hour rework period remains.

It runs from 0100 UTC Saturday 22 June 2019 to 0059 UTC Sunday 23 June - In VK6 the contest runs from 0400 UTC Saturday 22 June 2019 to 0359 UTC Sunday 23 June 2019.

This year it is distance based scoring only.

A valid contact involves the exchange of an RS/RST report, a serial number and your six character maidenhead locator.

Don’t forget the contest radar website - Link - enter your planned portable operation or home QTH details and see who is around you.

Why not get someone returning or new to the hobby involved in the your weekend activities.

Full details are available at the VHF UHF Field Day webpage on the WIA website at Link

For all the details take a look at the contest rules for 2019 at Link

Picture used in this story was the portable operation station of VK7ZBX and VK7ZMS during the VHF/UHF Summer Field Day earlier in the year.

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