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ACMA proposed changes to licence conditions

Date : 28 / 06 / 2019
Author : Peter Clee - VK8ZZ

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has conducted a review of licence conditions that apply to amateur radio operators with Foundation, Standard and Advanced level qualifications.

The amateur service is a longstanding user of the radiofrequency spectrum, with a range of bands made available for qualified amateurs. It is designed primarily to facilitate hobby radiocommunications and technical experimentation.

The ACMA supports the amateur service through planning arrangements which recognise the desires of amateur radio operators to access frequency bands, while balancing other demands for spectrum.

In the Draft five-year spectrum outlook 2019–23 (draft FYSO), the ACMA indicated it would commence consultation on potential changes to amateur licensing conditions in Q4 2018–19.
Our review considered various requests for changes to licence conditions in submissions made by amateur peak bodies—the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) and the Radio Amateur Society of Australia (RASA).

The ACMA is also taking the opportunity during this process to consult on our proposals to remove amateur advanced licensees’ access to the 3575–3600 MHz band within areas reallocated for spectrum licensing. The purpose of these changes is to prevent cancellation of advanced amateur licences that would otherwise occur as a result of the reallocation of the 3575–3700 MHz band (the 3.6 GHz band) to spectrum licensees.

This paper sets out our proposals for public consideration. We are seeking stakeholder views on the following:
  the removal of amateur advanced licensees’ access to the 3575–3600 MHz band within specified areas
  changes that progress various requests of the amateur community, that will account for technological changes, reduce restrictions and increase flexibility for licensees
  changes that respond to requests by the amateur community for the medium term, that will increase flexibility for licensees
  additional proposals for change that we have identified for the medium term to longer term aimed at reducing the overall regulatory burden of amateur licensing arrangements.

The ACMA article can be viewed by copying the following link into your browser

The discussion paper is downloadable from this page.

The WIA will be making a submission in response to this article.

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