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Before AR

Prior to Amateur Radio, a number of magazines claimed to be the "official organ" of the Wireless Institute in some States. In a number of cases, this was a legitimate claim, however in some instances, over enthusiastic editors made the claim, presumably to increase sales of their publication. Indeed there are reports of "warring factions" (even within the WIA) surrounding the use if the Institute's name on magazine covers!

Amateur Radio Scanning Project

Will McGhie, VK6UU started to scan early issues of the WIA's in house magazine, Amateur Radio during 2007 and is continuing to do so! The process to date has involved scanning some 12,000 pages up to the mid 1960s issues!
This is a time consuming task which Will surprisingly enjoys. "Why?" You might ask. Well, Will says: "It is the history contained within Amateur Radio magazine that has so greatly inspired me to scan them."

In 2008, the WIA released Will's early work on a cd of pdf files covering the first six years of AR from 1933-39. This cd is still available from the WIA on-line bookshop.

In the article available from the link below, Will tells us of his encounters with the pages of AR from the very first issue in October 1933, through the years of WWII and the years following. He also provides an insight to the practicalities of the AR Scanning Project.

This is important archival work which will prove invaluable as the years progress and as AR magazine and amateur radio itself, change in nature.

About the Author:
Will McGhie began with the ABC in Perth during 1966, working for most of his time with Television microwave links and communications. He also has a great interest in history, in particular, family history.

In 1970, Will entered the amateur ranks as VK6ZGR, upgrading to VK6UU a couple of years later. During the 1990s, he ran the column, Repeater Link, in Amateur Radio Magazine for about 10 years. Of recent times a desire to digitally record our amateur radio history has resulted in the large project to scan historical Amateur Radio Magazines.

Files For Download

Amateur Radio Scanning Project
AR Scanning - Will VK6UU.pdf

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