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Purpose of this page

This page is intended to provide histories pertaining to individual States or previous Divisions of the WIA.

This may be via links to appropriate websites containing significant historical material relating to amateur radio in that State.
Links will be investigated thoroughly before being included into this section.

The image on the right is the cover from the first post WWII Callbook, published by the WIA in 1954.

** State Histories Wanted! **

This page relies on the supply of suitable material for its usefulness, so we are encouraging the preparation of appropriate material for inclusion on this page.

In the first instance, please contact the WIA Historian, Peter if you feel you can contribute.

S.A. HISTORY 1919 - 1980 by Marlene Austin VK5QO

South Australia has been very thorough in recording it's history.
Marlene Austine VK5QO, scoured the South Australian Division's Minute books and published The First Sixty Years - S.A. Division 1919-1980. This publication is an indexed, chronological listing of highlights of S.A. WIA activities. It also contains a number of interpretative historical pages by Marlene.
Lloyd Butler VK5BR has taken Marlene's history and produced a very credible version for the Internet.

About the Author:
Marlene Austin VK5QO (now VK3EQ) was first licenced as a Novice in May 1980 and upgraded to a Full Call three months later. Together with her sister Valda (now SK), she contributed greatly to ALARA. Commencing in 1982, Marlene researched the SA Division, culminating in "The First 60 Years of The Wireless Institute of Australia (SA Division) Inc. - September 1919 to April 1980". A version of her book was published in AR for October 1985.

Click this link for Part one of the S.A. history. Link

S.A. HISTORY 1980 - 2004 by Lloyd Butler VK5BR

Lloyd Butler has picked up the task of completing S.A.'s history and authored a website version covering the years from 1980 to when the Division was dissolved in 2004, the year the newly structured WIA commenced.

About the Author:
Lloyd Butler VK5BR has worked in a number of electronic related fields including the PMG, DCA and, Defence Science. Lloyd first qualified for an amateur licence in 1941 (although war prohibited amateur operation, examinations were still held). In 1946 he operated as VK5BR and upgraded to a First Class Licence (18wpm). Lloyd has a great interest in communications history and has published many articles in AR and on the Internet.

Click this link for Lloyd's latest history.

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