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Seeking appropriate information

This section of the website is intended to help those wishing to further research our history. Items are meant to be indicative only, although some of the material is the result of careful research on the part of those interested in our history.

History is rarely complete, that is, as time passes, further information is sure to surface which can sometimes cause a re-write of previously acclaimed "facts"!

We therefore seek any relevant information and corrections, (together with source information), so that we can further hone our information and be in a position to relate "the facts" about early experimenters and the development of amateur radio in Australia.

Newspaper Index

The advent of the National Library of Australia's "Trove" Index, (refer to "Quick-Links") has made newspaper article research relating to any subject, so much easier than the previous need to trawl through reels and reels of micro-film - as in the recent past!

The WIA Newspaper Index file below will provide a quick guide to some of the very informative reports which can be found via Trove. Some, however, are still only available via the micro-film process available at local libraries.

Research References (Bibliography)

The information and comments in this Bibliography may provide hints for researching historical material.

Main WIA Time-Line

This Time-Line provides a chronological listing of issues and events surrounding the development of amateur radio in Australia and the development of the WIA.

Files For Download

WIA Newspaper Index
6. Newspaper Index.pdf

Reserach References

Main WIA Time-Line

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